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By Allegra Papera and Gianna Sanchez

AstroSalon is an astrology based application that takes astrological readings from Co-Star (an astrology app) and provides media recommendations (movies, readings, music) that complement the current state of the stars. The target users for this application are people in Generation Z. Gen Z-ers as a whole are interested in astrology, and they grew up consuming media regularly as they were born into the age of the internet. The AI features used in this application are recommendations. The user is first asked to answer questions about what type of media they prefer, which helps the…

Being both a computer science student and an artist, I love testing the ways in which I can combine my two interests. In doing so, I decided to design an AI-powered application called Art Detective. Art Detective is an art style recognition application that uses visual recognition technology and takes user-inputted images of artworks, and responds by telling the user which art movement/style the inputted piece is recognized as belonging to. The app targets artists, art lovers, and even those who are curious about art. If an artist is curious about which art style their own work most aligns with…


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